Taylormade aeroburner driver review

Taylormade aeroburner driver review

In this TaylorMade Aeroburner Driver review, we will see what Taylormade has introduced to us.

Taylormade aeroburner driver has a 460cc clubhead with incredible distance and forgiveness. Taylormade mainly focuses on the distance and accuracy of a driver. 

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Tailormade has designed this aeroburner driver by reducing the weight of the club by having an aerodynamic clubhead and having a longer shaft; thus, it helps in greater distance.

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Features and Design

taylormade aeroburner driver review

Features & Design

  • Forgiveness
  • Technology
  • Shaft
  • Look
  • Performance
  • Sound & Feel
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Taylormade aeroburner golf driver doesn’t have adjustability options, but it comes with excellent forgiveness. It recovers great distance on off-center hits.

Large sweet spot and enhanced speed pocket provide good forgiveness.


The Taylormade aeroburner driver is lightweight and most aerodynamics driver. It is very best in technology. its aerodynamic shape can increase the clubhead speed by reducing the drag of clubhead.

It comes with speed pocket, rounded toe, raised the center crown, and hosel fin, which helps in achieving the aerodynamic shape. 

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The Taylormade aeroburner driver comes with a 50-gram matrix speed RUL-Z shaft. Its length is 45.75 inches.

It’s very light in weight; hence, it has a good degree of stiffness if you have a fast Swing speed, then this shaft will be too light for you.

The shaft made of graphite, and it comes in three variant-

  • Stiff
  • Senior
  • Regular flex


The Taylormade aeroburner driver comes with a bright and vibrant white matte finish, and it is back to basics from Taylormade.

Aeroburner driver has a balanced white matte with very loud graphics that catch your eyes quickly.

It also has taylormade aeroburner driver black version, and flat black looks Super sharp with red graphics.

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It comes with a matte white center raised crown along with hosel fin, which helps in alignment and creating a more aerodynamic shape. If white isn’t your type of color, then it is also available in black.


The Taylormade aeroburner driver is made with excellent aerodynamics combine longer, and lighter shaft should help in increasing the club speed, fast launch, good spin, and great distance, and for most, it will deliver on its promise.

For high-speed swinger, the shaft might feel too light, so they have to choose heavy shafts. It doesn’t come with the adjustability, but it works as good as other drivers in this price segment.

Its white matte center raised crown helps in alignment, so over it will feel good and perform well. If you hit the sweet spot, it will cover the maximum distance, but even mishits will also retain its forgiveness and distance.

Sound & Feel

The Taylormade aeroburner driver feels super light in weight, and it has a hot feel at impact with pleasant and powerful sound.

Its sound is slightly louder than the R15 driver, which makes it feel hot to hit.

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aeroburner driver review
detaild aeroburner driver review 2020

Pro & Cons

o Good looking driver with beautiful graphics
o Lightest club in its class makes it easier to swing
o Highly forgiving for better performance
o Long shaft and stock grip are excellent
o Covers great distance with the help of the aerodynamics and weight
o Large sweet spot
o Lack of adjustability
o Too light to control the club for high swinger
o Launch angle might also feel a little steep for few players
o Excessive spin for some golfers
o Driver trades a bit of distance for hight

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Here we go! We have summed up The TaylorMade Aeroburner Driver review 2019 guide. I hope you have found enough details about aeroburner driver reviews and it will help you in making your decision.

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The Taylormade aeroburner driver is an excellent take for light swinger who needs an altitude adjustment.

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The aeroburner is a consistently high launching driver made for the player seeking more distance with a lightweight clubhead. It has the best forgiveness in its class.

Its shaft is longer than most other drivers and light in weight, which manages to give you long and consistence distance.

Keep loving; keep playing.

Happy golfing.

taylormade aeroburner black driver
aeroburner review
taylormade aeroburner review

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