How to Swing a Golf Club

How to Swing a Golf Club

Looking for an answer to “How to swing a golf club?

Whether you are a beginner to golf looking to learn or an intermediate player playing casually in a golf club, there is no denying that knowing the right techniques can give a substantial boost to your game.

The most basic aspects, such as golf swing speed and golf swing path, if perfected, can go a long way in getting you the right golf swing technique and help you get that inch-perfect inside-out golf swing.

golf swing technique

Before a golf player tries to find “How to swing a golf club?” he/she should know the answer to “How to hold a golf club?”, in this article, we will guide you step by step from holding your club to swinging it for a perfect shot.

Where to begin?

To get that perfect golf swing, we have to start with building the right posture. Every professional golfer understands the importance of the right posture in taking the right shot while most beginners think of it as a cliché. A new positioning might take a little getting used to, but it is all worth the efforts!

Set yourself at an optimal position to the golf ball and keep a shoulder-length distance between your feet and keep your front foot about 3-4 inches ahead of the ball (Your front foot is your left foot if you’re a right-handed player and right foot for left-handed players).

Position yourself such that you do not have to bend your arms or overstretch them when going for a hit. Bend your knees and upper body 10 to 20 degrees. Please keep in mind that there is no defined rule for how much you have to bend or curve your body. Your posture should always feel comfortable.

How to hold a golf club?

how to hold a golf club

Before you prepare to hit a golf ball, you should know how to hold a golf club and believe it or not most people don’t realize they’re holding their clubs wrong! There’s more than one way to hold a golf club, but as a beginner, one should always use what is called “The 10 finger grip “.

In a 10 finger grip, players hold the club like a baseball bat from its grip with all their ten fingers wrapped around the clubs’ grip. The 10 finger grip increases your leverage, but there are other ways to hold a club.

 Interlocking grips are used by golfers to increase their stability; to do this, you start with the 10 finger grip and move your pinky finger in between the middle of your left index and middle finger. Then put your index finger on top of your pinky, making an “X” shape.

This grip is to improve your stability significantly, but it might be a little painful in the beginning. People with small hands and fingers will find this a bit tougher than others, but this is well worth it if you are to get that perfect golf swing!

Getting ready to hit the ball

Backswing in golf

Now that we have set our posture and grip on the club, we are now ready to strike the ball! Start by positioning your body for a backswing. A backswing is when a golfer takes his club behind his head with his body staying in the same position. Support most of your body weight on your feet instead of your torso.

The key here is not to bend your elbows and keeping them as straight as possible when taking your club behind your head and keep the club shaft parallel to the ground. Do not lift your front foot even slightly above the ground, instead wind your back by rotating your hips as much as you can.

 It is okay to transfer weight on your back foot and bend your left knee a little when making that motion but keep your body perpendicular to the ground. Your head should also remain in the same position and try not to move it down as it will change your spinal angle.

A backswing is always slower to set up compared to a downswing and should take more time to get the hang of it, but it is all worth it in the end.

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Going for the hit

Downswing in golf

Now comes the follow up to your backswing, which is the downswing. A downswing happens after you reach your backswing swing position, and it ends with your club making the final impact with the golf ball.

A downswing is much faster than a backswing. and if done aptly, the combination can you perfect your golf swing technique.

To execute a downswing: Keep your wrists hinged in the same way when you went for the backswing and move towards unwinding your back. Turn your shoulders and unravel your hips from your previous position, but remember to not move them sideways in the air. As you quickly prepare to take the shot, shift your weight from your back to your front foot, and get your arms straight.

The speed of downswing is contrary to a backswing, and one should try to do it much faster than the latter as you bring the club closer to hit the ball lean the shaft towards the ball, and keep your eyes on the ball as you hit it. The final blow to the ball should get most of its power from your body movement instead of just your arms.

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Golf Tips

It is crucial not to use your maximum strength or to make sudden body movements for speed. As you may risk snapping your back or shoulders, these other little factors help to create a great golf player.

Do not keep a very tight grip on your club handle, especially when going for the overlapping grip. The grip should be just sufficient, so your club does not slip away and try to make it as comfortable as possible.

If your left arm is the dominant one, that does mean you should focus all your strength from that and vice versa for your right hand. Both arms play almost equal parts in getting the correct swings, but you should make sure to get yourself the proper golf equipment based on your hand preference. It is usually harder to find equipment for left-handed players.

It is also essential to know which golf club you must use when going for a hit. There are many types of club heads, Putter, Wood, Iron, Wedge, and driver are the most common ones. Bigger clubs such as Wood, Drivers, and hybrids are used for swinging while Putters and Iron in golf are used for shorter distances.

Every person has different ranges they can hit with a golf club, especially women. It is a good idea to practice each club a few times to judge which one might be the best for you. The ball flight distance depends a lot on the strength of every individual as well.

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I hope you have found the answer of “How to swing a golf club?

Golf may not be an easy sport to learn, but it is one where you can excel if you put in the hard work.

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However, if you have any questions in your mind, leave a comment, and I will get back to you as soon as possible with an answer.

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Keep loving; keep playing.

Happy golfing.

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