How to hit a driver for beginners

how to hit a driver for beginners

Are you ready to learn how to hit a driver for beginners and improve your golf swing and ready to play your best game so far?

Beginners face the big problem of hitting the golf ball right. It is a fundamental thing to learn in golf, and if you have mastered hitting the driver, you can play very well.

This guide covers the positioning of the golf ball, self-position, how to swing, and essential tips. Although we have covered almost everything to make you hit your driver, the primary key is practice. You will gain a lot if you keep on practicing and pretty soon, these bad hitting experience is going to be a distant memory.

How to position a golf ball

how to position a golf ball

The biggest fault many beginners do is they position the ball in the middle. I hope you won’t going to do that. Remember, set the ball position should be a little forward stance while using the golf driver.

The benefit of having the ball position a little forward is that your driver will hit the golf ball on the upswing, and as a result, it will produce less spin; thus, it covers more distance.

Amateur players should tee the ball higher than usual. It will help you to hit every ball on a positive angle of attack while driving the ball in golf.

It will help if you use the tee with a standard height of 2.75 inches and barely put it in the ground and you are all set to hit the ball in the upswing.

How to get in position

•   Stance

Most of the beginners take the golf stance as much wide as the width of the shoulder. It isn’t right for most of the clubs.

As drivers are a little longer, so you have to keep the golf driving stance wider than the width of your shoulder, but don’t overdo it. It will help in doing a proper golf swing.

When we use wedges, we can use a narrow stance as wedges are shorter clubs.

•   Grip

There’s more than one way to hold a golf club, but as a beginner, one should always use what is called “The 10 finger grip “.

In a 10-finger grip, players hold the club like a baseball bat from its grip with all their ten fingers wrapped around the clubs’ grip. The 10-finger grip increases your leverage, but there are other ways to hold a club.

Interlocking grips are used by golfers to increase their stability. To do this, you start with the 10-finger grip and move your pinkie finger in between the middle of your left index and middle finger. Then put your index finger on top of your pinkie, making an “X” shape.

Hold the club pointing to your belt buckle, and it should be around 10 to 12 inches away from the body for a proper swing.

The golfer is not to hold the driver too close to the body as it creates a weak position and effect while swinging the driver.

The last thing to keep in mind while gripping the club is that don’t put extra pressure. It is the biggest mistake amateurs do. A tight grip will lid to extra tension in your forearms; thus, it will affect your swinging, so Keep your hold pressure light.

•   Shoulder Position

Adjust your shoulders before you hit the driver. Your front shoulder should be higher than your rear shoulder because the ball is teed high. It will make your front shoulder in a passive position, which helps you to hit the golf ball up.

How to swing a golf driver

how to swing a golf club for beginners

We hope you have learned a lot till now in this guide, the next thing we will cover in this guide is how to swing a golf club for beginners, so stay tuned.

One of the main rules for the best golf driver swing is to keep your body relaxed. Lining up your driver with the golf ball and waggle the club back and forth to loosen up till the time you feel comfortable before starting your backswing.

Just get an idea of the distance for your target than concentrate on the ball only. Don’t look up and make yourself feel comfortable.

•   Backswing

Slowly pull your driver back, take it above your head, and keep gravity at the center of the body.

Don’t swing too fast and hard as it will reduce your accuracy, and there will be chances of hitting off sweet. The driver’s length is good enough to hit your ball while hitting with a driver, so keep your backswing low and slow.

Make a pause up above your head to adjust your body and align the driver for the downswing.

•   Downswing

After backswing, use a sweeping motion and try to hit a golf ball with an upward movement to give the ball more lift. Shift your balance to the front feet while hitting the driver, and don’t forget to accelerate the driver at the right time.

It will be great if you hit the ball at the positive angle of attack to get long distance travel for the golf ball.

For proper driver swing, let your arms keep swing the driver in the follow-through even after you hit the ball.

Best golf driver tips for beginners

basic golf driver swinging

The best driving golf tips beginners is to keep practicing with right until you get the result. There is no tonic to make you a pro in a single day. If you want to do it, you have to practice for it. You can use a game-improvement driver to get the maximum result.

Beginners can start learning with the help of wedges as it’s hard to hit Drivers for Beginners golfers due to its length. A beginner golfer can go for the Cheap Golf Driver as it won’t hurt your pocket and help you in the learning stage. It will help if you feel comfortable before hitting the driver, as it will smooth swinging.

Do not keep a very tight hold on your club handle, especially when going for the overlapping grip. It should be just sufficient, so your club does not slip away and try to make it as comfortable as possible.

Following golf drills for the beginners is a real gem in this game. These techniques work like magic to help you in your game.

The foot spray drill

Use foot spray on your driver’s face before playing the shot. By doing this, you will get a mark on the clubface. After hitting a few drivers, you can see where you are hitting the ball on the face. This technique will help you get instant feedback and correct yourself if you’re hitting too away from the sweet spot.

The Takeaway drill

Watch this video to study the takeaway drill.

The final tip for driving the golf ball is hitting the ball with a positive angle of attack on your tee shot to get more distance and less spin.


I hope you have found the answer tohow to hit a driver in golf for beginners?”

Golf driving for beginners can be a fun stage to discover new things. You have to keep on learning the best golf techniques to improve your game.

There is always a need for improvement in everybody’s game, whether you are a high handicapper or a pro golfer. Improvements in the game are to be always welcome to keep on improving your game.

Keep loving; keep playing.

Happy golfing.

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